Advantages Of Car Storage Over General Storage When On A Business Trip

a1-car-storage-fleetWhen it comes to finding a storage space for storing your car over a business trip, car owners can either use a general storage or a car storage. Though both of these storages can be used to store your car during vacations or business trips, there are still several differences on how these storages perform when storing cars. And according to experts, using a car storage is the better choice for storing cars. Here are the advantages of car storage over general storage when it comes to your car.

  1. Specialise in car – As a storage specialized for cars, car storage is specifically designed to store different types of car including luxury and sports cars. For cars that require special attention or need a storage space which the general storage can’t provide, car storage is the perfect choice.
  2. Storing process – Storing a car is entirely different from storing other items. Cars need to be tightly secured since tires will move the car. If the parking brakes are used, the brake pads and the rotors might fuse. If regular tire stoppers are used, tires will often develop flat spots which is not good for the tires. Car storage companies also provide maintenance to keep the car condition including the batteries and engines on top condition all the time.
  3. Security – Cars are more expensive than general items put inside a storage. Since car storage companies cater specifically on cars, they have a much tighter security compared to general rental storage. Such level of security can ensure you that your car is safe from any criminal activities like burglary and vandalism.
  4. Storage quality – The quality of the storage is much higher in car storage companies compared to general storage. The storage is designed to prevent cars from developing rusts, accumulating dirt particles or geting scratched meaning you are less likely to visit Whoops Wheel Fix It alloy wheel repair. The storage condition is monitored and maintained at the ideal level for cars. On the other hand, general storage simply provide a place to store stuffs and often not conditioned to cater delicate and expensive cars.
  5. Insurance – insurance companies also charge higher premium on car storage in order to cover any damages that might happen to the car. General storage companies only have the minimum insurance coverage which could not cover repairs or replacement cost for expensive cars. Though car storage rate higher than general storage, it is worth the cost if the car is totally safe and secure.

If you are planning to store your car for extended period of time during a business trip, long term car storage from  is the most suitable scenario. After all, it is better safe than sorry when it comes to cars.