What Office Supplies Does Your Office Really Need

The office supplies needed can differ from office to office. This depends of the nature of the company, the number of employees and the function of the office. And though this holds true, there are still office supplies which are used on every office. These office supplies are vital for the basic functions of the employees and the office as a whole. And these office supplies can be a guide from companies which are planning to establish a new office for operation. SPML-Office-Space-West-End-MC-12.12-940x407Here is a list of office supplies every office really needs.

  1. Coffee – Unless the employees are all allergic to coffee or they are all robot, then every office needs a coffee. Coffee will be consumed many times throughout the day and you would be surprise to find that your office runs out of coffee. The great thing about coffee is it jumpstart the day of every employee and keeps them going throughout office hours.
  2. Paper – Regardless of the type of paper, every office needs paper. This could be photocopying paper, printing paper, sticky notes or memo pads. Aside from coffee, papers are the most consumed office supplies in any kind of office. Even offices which run most of their operation using computers will need a lot of paper for hard documentation. Making copies is also vital to an office, they can be expensive but there are also cheaper options.
  3. Pens – Pens are still used in all offices. If you are considering of creating an office, your employees will surely need pens even with computers present. Including pencils, different pens are used within the office. Ball pens and sign pens are for signing business documents, color pens can be used for drafts and presentations within the office.
  4. Inks – Inks are necessary especially on this modern day. Inks are used for photocopiers and printers which produce hundreds of documents daily in the office. Make sure to stock a few of these to avoid interruption during office operations.
  5. Paper clips and push pins – Paper clips are useful to temporarily join several documents. The documents can easily be removed, inserted or rearranged with the use of paper clips. On the other hand, push pins best complement bulletin boards. Unlike other adhesive materials or thumbtacks, push pins are sturdy and can be used repeatedly while also giving an elegant style with the colored tips or heads.

Though furniture and equipment are necessary in every office, the 5 above can help you run even the smallest office possible. It is important to consider the quality of the office supplies as well as the rate of their consumption and refill. Reading this article could of got you thinking, what does my business as a whole really need? That's where Circle Research shine, they'll handle all the market research and point you in the right direction. Check them out if that sounds like something you need.